Anonymous said: If I remember correctly, the lion turtle in A:TLA told Aang that before the avatar people bended the energy within themselves? Was that changed now or am I missing something? Maybe it´s a plot hole idek.

Yeah, I don’t get this either. They seemed to skip that part majorly. 

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Anonymous said: Watching Civil Wars pt 2 I just somehow hope that some of Kya and Bumi´s reservations against Aang is somehow... done because they themselves imagined it being worse than it actually was? Like how Bumi says he´s sorry for not being an aribender, although I´m sure Aang would never hold a grudge against Bumi for being a nonbender.

I’m going to write about a far longer and more articulate post tomorrow, but the jist of it is — I understand nothing. The way the plotline culminated in the episode with the family picture being shown ironically seemed to epitomise everything Kya hated, surface appearances and one off moments being used to ignore years of neglect. 

It’s honestly emotional whiplash and I pray to the writing gods that is not the end of that storyline. It can’t be. Kya and Bumi need to talk about what went wrong. I appreciated the scene with Bumi in statue room, but it was so short! It set up a really good emotional jumping board and then just forgot to jump. 

Anyway, I don’t want to start rambling. I’m not even sure I’m making sense, I’ve had such a long day and to be honest I just want to appreciate the fact we got a nice family picture. Even if it resolves absolutely nothing. 

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Anonymous said: Hi! I couldn't ask on anon on your main blog so I'm just going to do it here. I was in a discussion with a friend the other day about how Aang had basically thrown the other avatars' advices down the drain when it came to killing Ozai at the end of Season 3. But it seemed to me as if Aang actually considered it? When he has Ozai at his mercy he explictily says that he won't end it like this, even though he ~tried~(?) to. I'm still unsure what Aang's thought process was. Thoughts?

Dammit, I had written up a really long post on my other blog about how Aang’s actions actually match up really well with the advice the other Avatar’s gave. I’m surprised more people don’t notice it actually, I thought it was pretty obvious. Unfortunately I’m having to do this off the top of my head so the quotes won’t be exact. 

Roku basically says to be decisive. Aang does just that. He commits to his decision not to kill Ozai and finds a better solution. 

Kyoshi talks about justice being that main consideration. She believed killing was justice, for Aang is was rendering Ozai useless. 

Yangchen talked about balance I think. Aang fulfills through mastering the Avatar State and of course beating Ozai.

I can’t honestly remember what Kuruk said, but I’m sure Aang nailed that one too. All in all, Aang does follow their advice, just not in the way he expected to. The conversations they have all take place in the context of killing. If you shift the context to what actually happens, you’ll see that he meets all of their advice! 

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Part: 2/2

Yoo Jae-myung, animation director of The Legend of Korra, discusses Nickelodeons initial hesitancy to accept Mike and Bryans proposal of the show… and Korra. [Cont.]

“When you take a look at protagonists in American animations, they are male. There are rarely any female protagonists.

The creators and our studio demanded Nickelodeon that they change their mind since we had already decided on a female character with an androgynous appeal.

We wouldn’t take no for an answer and we finally got their approval.

It’s rare, having a a heroine, right?”

“Maybe that’s why it became so popular.”

“I’m not sure. Everyone had doubts and was worried at first. But as the series gained more popularity, we realized that having heroines could actually work.

Part 1: (x)

Full interview: (x)

It’s shit like this that makes me hate Nick with a burning passion.

Before you start hating Nick with a burning passion remember this:

Nick started out as an educational channel for kids. It failed. Spectacularly. Then, it was taken over by Geraldine Laybourne, who decided that exposing kids to characters who weren’t white males could count as “education.”

With this in mind, she grew the Nick brand, and they featured non-stereotype characters all over the place. You like female lead kids television? Thank Clarissa Explains It All. Thank The Secret World of Alex Mack. Thank Nickelodeon. They also made sure that their shows featured kids of a wide range of races. All That, Keenan and Kel, Shelby Woo. Are you Afraid of the Dark. Nickelodeon made it their mission to broaden their featured characters in race and gender.

(For reals, though, I cannot stress how influential Clarissa Explains It AlI was in the push for young women in television.)

This whole thing doesn’t make sense to me. Nick doesn’t trust that women heroes can work? They were freaking built on female heroes. I don’t know if this is true or not, and it certainly fits the “creator fights for inclusion” narrative, but keeping in mind Nick’s past I don’t know how much stock I put into this. (Hell, The original Team Avatar was half women. This doesn’t make sense.)

Check out these two books if you are interested in Nickelodeon’s feminist and racially progressive history.

Nickelodeon Nation
Kids Rule!

While that may be true for the Nick of yester-year, the same can’t be said for Nickelodeon today. Times change, companies change, media changes, management changes - and sometimes not for the best.

This interview is from Legend of Korras ANIMATION DIRECTOR, i.e. a person that’s pretty high up in command. You can choose to believe it or not but I wouldn’t take his words lightly.

Nick’s most popular show of all time, the highest rated television show on cable when it was on (not kids’ show. Highest rated cable show) was iCarly. Female led.

Dan Schneider, who is critically acclaimed and basically prints his own money, primarily uses young women as his lead.

These aren’t “Nick of yester-year” this is current.

Nick is still wildly successful with female led television, and they’re too scared to green light Korra? Please.

We’re always ready to believe “the little guy fights the big bad media corporation for his art.” It gets the audience fired up and drives up ratings, but it doesn’t make sense with what else Nick is doing.

You’ve got to remember that this was an action series. That changes the entire argument. Nick of course doesn’t have many problems with giving female leads in other genres of shows, but the action genre has always been an aspect of television that was dominated by men. 

Mike and Bryan constantly had to answer questions in the media about how ~groundbreaking~ it was for a female POC to be leading an action show. Nick was indeed breaking the mold by greenlighting Korra.

They just happened to be really sexist during the process also. This isn’t some grand conspiracy. And there is some logic on Nick’s part, in that it was an untested formula. 

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Okay, I’ve read The Search now, thoughts behind the cut! 

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In regards to the Azula intelligence, I actually found her to be HYPER-intelligent in this one. For example…

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Yer, I meant more in regards to how she rationalises her relationship with Ursa. Obviously Azula is still cunning, that’s certainly in her DNA, having a mental breakdown shouldn’t change that.

What disappointed me is that they changed her into paranoid caricature regarding Ursa. She pretty much turned into a paranoid stereotype when it comes to blaming Ursa for everything. I just feel it could have been better written. Azula is really smart, you can write it so that she reflects on Ursa’s betrayal without it descending into “SHE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING!!! *crazy eyes*”

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ewchihasush said: (Because I like hearing your opinions, they are very well thought out) I wondered who you would think of as the most well developed character? If you had to choose one, why would it be that one? I figured I'd ask you here, because it was "rambles" haha

It would have been fine to ask this on the other blog! This blog is literally for when people post big texty rants and I want to reblog them without cluttering up the other blog.

Anyway, on to the question! It depends how you define “developed”. In terms of sheer character change, Zuko totally wins the prize. Does a complete 270 degrees character development, all feels very natural, and ultimately well written. 

I however prefer Aang’s character development, slightly more subtle but ultimately more rewarding as you get the feeling Zuko is going to regress in the future. Aang goes from a really goofy kid who doesn’t want to be the Avatar, to a confident morally assured dude who is willing to make his own path. 

The best character development though I’ve got to give to Azula. I think her development was wonderfully written. All the little hints and moments of foreshadowing that culminate in this girl losing her mind. We get a wonderful back story to her character — her relationship with her mother, her moral view of the world and the reason she treats her friends a certain way. All of it flows smoothly to a believable conclusion of her having a mental breakdown. Character development A+ from me.

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Anonymous said: You know that drawing by pugletto going around? I think it was a kataang blog that really started a fight over it and I didn't get it. I'm a multi shipper, and the artist herself is, I think? She draws a bunch of kataang too, but for some reason, because she's a zutara shipper too, the op made it all about shipping? what's you opinion on all of that?

Oh this was ages ago. I can’t be bothered to do a long drawn out approach, so I’ll just keep to the bare minimum. I think the artist took her style waaaay too seriously, just cause you draw a character in a certain way doesn’t mean he should therefore look like that.

There were numerous good reasons people pointed out why her art was actually kinda inaccurate, as well as highlighting that the style of LOK is rather different to ATLA. So in that sense I don’t know why people got so worked up about it, I like her style, but I don’t think for a second it’s what Aang would look like realistically in LOK. 

As for the whole Zutara thing, I think it’s a pertinent point, maybe not for this particularly artist, but certainly for fandom as a whole. So many people needed Aang to be unattractive for his entire life, the idea that this goofy kid could hit puberty and win was a no go situation for them. The possibility that Aang grew up hotter than Zuko is still really hard for people to take and that factors into the whole ~omg Aang isn’t accurate~. No he’s just not accurate for your warped headcanon, there’s a difference. 

Aw crap, this turned into a long winded post. 

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Okay, so in a fit of inspiration, I just outlined a story that will comply with ATLA and LoK, have lots of heartbreak, but still wind up with Zutara in the end. I’m sharing this with you because you guys are kinda my favorite Zutara blog, so here we go: 

Based on this post you guys had about there being a 10-ish year gap where Zutara could happen, this is what I came up with. Whether or not you want to publish this submission is up to you, as I fully intend to write this story so I guess it would be spoilers, but either way I wanted you guys to know my thoughts. So here it is: 

  • Katara and Aang date for a while, doesn’t work out, ends amicably
  • FIVE YEARS POST ATLA: Katara becomes the ambassador for the Southern Water Tribe, starts by traveling all around, eventually Zuko requests her to be the official Fire Nation liaison and she accepts
  • Meanwhile, Azula has been treated for her depression and has been reaccepted into the royal family as a Fire Princess
  • They fall in love, decide to get married, do so in the South Pole
  • Counselors and diplomats are outraged that the Fire Lord would submit to a Southern Water Tribe wedding, claim it is illegitimate

I’m sorry but this is a HUGE reason why the ship wars will never end. This attitude right here, that in order to enjoy a FANON pairing, that you have to degrade, belittle and completely walk all over characters that get in the way of it is absolutely unnecessary. There is no reason why you can’t simply play around with non-canon pairings without dragging characters through the mud and ruining their characterization to the point where they are unrecognizable. I don’t know why this is such a popular treatment in Zutara fandom but from fan fic to fan art, Zutara shippers seem to actively enjoy treating Aang like a piece of shit and making him into a fool while turning canonically dork!Zuko into some suave womanizer. I have never seen this phenomenon so wide spread in any other fandom with popular fanon pairings but for some reason, Zutara seems to thrive on character hate. 

You know what? You have AUs for a reason where you’re free to explore whatever crack pairing your heart desires and give them as many fake babies as you want, but to take a character like Kya, who is Aang and Katara’s daughter in canon, and turn her into a Zutara love child is not only disrespectful but completely unnecessary. Bringing Kya into this won’t make Zutara any more compatible with Legend of Korra because she exists only as AANG and KATARA’s daughter in LoK. 

This is not only an insult to Aang, Katara and Zuko as characters and the friendships they share but to the entire ATLA universe. Again, you can play around with fanon pairings without being cruel and petty, and this right here is the definition of petty. 

And “fixing canon”? Excuse you, but canon does not owe you ANYTHING but the creator’s story the way they chose to tell it. The fact that after 4 years, you still believe that your preferred pairing being canon is somehow your god given right is another reason why this fandom gets ridiculed and shows up all over fandom_wank. 

Oh, I had thought this was a parody blog at first. I had only come across it once before and the fleeting impression I had got was you had to be “drunk” to have these thoughts. As in they were really stupid, way over the top and a general parody of the over zealous Zutara shipper. 

But yer, classic pathetic example of Zutara shippers have to shit over canon in order to make fanon work. I’m not really annoyed, I actually just feel kinda sorry for them. Having to take elements from canon and twist the characters horribly just to make some AU work. I don’t think I’ve come across a ship that the fans go to such length to make it happen within a canon framework. 

What next people? Tenzin is actually Zuko and Katara’s son, but they’ve had to hide it so Aang’s given him some Airbending. What? It’s not like we’re paying attention to the characterization of the show, why can’t we bend the established rules of the universe as well. 

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Anonymous said: Is there something going on with Grey Delisle and tumblr? Some drama or something?

Yer she pissed off some SJ bloggers. I’m still confused what she actually said, I think it relates to a tasteless joke about Justin Bieber or something. Nevertheless, she didn’t really apologize and instead proceeded to write a couple of long posts about how everyone is over-reacting blah blah blah.

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i forgot that “the promise part 3” is coming out tomorrow

today actually! 

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